Monday, 21 November 2011

To me, to you, to me, to you...

   Prints of animal wallpaper are flip flapping marvelous. So grab your overalls, a bucket of paste and a brush and let the slap stick hillarities of wallpapering ensue, keep on scrolling for the saucy surprise.

"Mounted Buck" wallpaper by Filthy Home

 Victorian lady and insects = winning combination. Voos


Lets go classic with the gentry hunting party and Scalamandre's iconic Zebra print.

 This is a coo coo cool (sorry) design by Aimee Wilder who I also featured on my post this week for STYLE NV (ghastly plug, sorry) The pigeons of Trafalgar would be proud.

You may want to take your head out of the sand for this mighty fine wallpaper of orange and leaf gold. Just don't get in a flap putting it up for its a face burying £55.00 a roll... Beware the Moon

She may not be an animal but her neon nakedness is beastly! This"Burlesque" Print from Rockett St George is sensational.

Make Paul and Barry proud!

My Work...

   From using ceramic, painting and textiles I made this for my last year of Fine art. It's very different from my usuall practise but  I'd had one of those itches to experiment with many of the old objects I feel constantly drawn too.

Initially my colourblocking stripes and square painting where intended to be invasive and contrasting with thier host objects, garish and obssesive. They evolved to become much more sympathetic to each items individual make up of shape and colour tone.

Eayargo have a looksy at this...

   What what? who who? Mr Mcarthur! In the words of Churchill the nodding dog "Oooohhh yes."

Koo Koo Viyaaa...

   Tweet twoo peek a boo the owls have come out to play. Let their big eyes and and freakishly flexible necks look out lovingly from pillows to posters. At least these ones wont crap out the bones of dead animal carcasses all over your floor.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

You sir! curious?...

   Big fat Nomatron for these absolutely splendid coloured glass lamps and lampshades from Curiousa Curiousa

I luff them.