Thursday, 31 May 2012

I went cycling and saw some boats...

 I jumped on my bike and Bro Joe on his and we poodled up to Shoreham ( I say poodle, what I mean is die in head on winds along the coast with my single speed bike) and we looked at some mother frickin boats y'all! they where sweet. Here's some photosnaps of what I found, bit of a surprise half way...

Crack Boat!!!
Why does it have no windows?
growing weed? hiding immigrants? 
I'm gonna go with government surveillance spies eating pies.

Concrete boat how do you float.

Boat chicken.

Yeah man. Battle house ship.

Piano chime was dope.


Crazy ass art boats!
made from everything and anything.

The tear drop windows are just ridiculous, You cant really see from the photo but there's basically a conservatory behind there. Its made with a bus too, you know what ever's lying around. Heart windows and a washing machine too. 

Its got a bath tub window and a car wall! whaaat! 
Ah I think I need a lie down.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tie up and die...

    Alright alright put the noose down, don't blame the hippies . Yeah the conventional Tie Dye t-shirt can be pretty tacky. Its one of those things you learn to do at primary school which is a bit more fun than learning timestables BUT inky splotchy tie dye splashing and twisting with loads of colour can look kinda alreet.

   When asking a family member (Joe) what Items he would most like to own with a tie dye pattern our survey said....Condoms, clouds & contact lenses. Not condoning any of these suggestions, as I believe they would all truly benefit from a splash of colour madness, unfortunately they just don't exist. So ignoring those I've looked at where the pattern has exploded across art, fashion and technology.

These are some of my favourites. If I had monies I would buy everything, and wear them all at the same time. Take that peace on earth I'm getting colour right up in your grill.

*I can't quite remember where I found all these but will have a hunt and link it all up asap.

Real life imgaginationings...

   Kids doodles and drawings represent the naive mind of pure untouched dreams ideas and make belief. Dragons with gills, men with 6 arms and sheep with faces buried in the fleece. 

 A brilliant company called Childrens Own started with the basic idea of turning the unique scribbles of a child into a recognisable soft toys, recreating them as accurately as possible. The result being a personal toy for the child that they can call completely their own.

 These toys are frickin cool! get me a caped bird with boots and a flower crown! 

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Beatle, Whale, Frog...

   I got Paid. I went shopping. For necessities obviously.

Since living in Brighton I have become the embodiment of that travis song. When ever I walk, it rains. So I've been a hankering for a proper gummy, old school, fishing mac, one that will survive Brighton. I found one. It has whales in it.

I like Insects.

Its a phone. In the shape of a frog. IN THE SHAPE OF A FROG.

Key Ring £ some monies I can't remember
Mac £14 Beyond Retro
Frog phone £3 Snoopers Paradise