Friday, 30 December 2011

The perfection of the Pom...

   Weeee pom poms! hung, strung and flung across trees, walls and lamps. These punchy balls of colour have been made into lights, accesorised with cushions and made into bright light mobiles.

Paper poms from Etsy an explosion of plumpy pom pom puffyness.

These fairy lights from Cable and Cotton can be bought pic and mix stylee so you can create and choose your own colours and length made to match your space.

I will be doing this in summer.

Tincey winsy poms. I think they still count.

Arty farty floatsy pom pom piece from etsy again, advertised as a childs mobile, screw the child I want this in my wondow.

You just can't go wrong with a bobble hat.
We love you.

Pom juice.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Bedroom Bargain Buys...

   I'm certain you don't have to spend a lot to spruce up a space. So here's my proffesional advice on aquiring things that won't cost arms and legs.

 1!(HaHaHaa!)  Get to know your local charity shops, markets and auctions and ALWAYS haggle (at the market not a charity shop. No defiantly not) Throwing in a smile, cheeky wink (unless your a guy and the bloke your buying off is 18 stone hairy dealer selling you a microwave out the back of his ford transit. I'm just saying, it might not go down too well...) and a freindyly comment and you'll be well on your way.

2! (HaHaHaa!) Get stuck into a bit of mending by glueing, stripping, painting etc (within reason of your own capabilities). You can spruce up many objects with some basic DIY.

3! (HaHaHaa)  Be persistent. It's not every time you'll find winner and get out early, you know, catching the worm and all that.

My lovely lacy jellyfishy lamp. Casts beautiful shadows on the walls.
No Joke.
Cheers Ted the bicycle man.

    This is my bedroom which is pretty much bursting at the seams with a colossal amount of cheap treasures.
Lots and lots of colour and clashing patterns yeah! My absolute favorite round yellow chair £5 from el markaterio acts as bedside table with a few stacked books and french vintage anglepoise from Kingston Antiques the epitome of a tardis shop.
The Aztec style rug is  a another market purchase (you'll see a trend in a minute) purchased from a santa claus-esque chap called Cinnamon who lives on a barge. Cushions about £20 for the pair, I splashed out a wee bit for those, Paris Accent (from my home town) may it rest in peace for it is no more, was an eclectic vintage/charity shop with the odd diamond in the rough (also being the establishment where I bought my goats hoof cheese board...)
Bed spead Primani
Green throw £5 courtesy of Whistable and a man who took pity of my skintness ;)
Patchwork, from the hands that bore me.

So enjoy, have fun and always keep an eye out.