Friday, 7 October 2011

The Sketchbook Project....

   So I stumbled across this on one of my regular internet meanderings and decided to enter. I like making sketchbooks and sticking stuff to other things and cuttings bits and gluing them down again so why not AND my book will get to travel around the world, Hazaa! it was only $23 or there abouts. They send you a sketchbook and you pick a category to get you started.

I opted for the mysterious "choose a random theme for me" from an otherwise eclectic list of words ("in fifty years", "life underground", "Sandwich" etc)  and received "fold and stitch" which I'm pretty happy with, sign up by the 31st October and post back finished work by end of January 2012, I'll keep posting the progress!

Some of last years books...

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