Saturday, 22 October 2011

Up the multicoloured staircase...

   Staircases are sometimes the forgotten feature in peoples homes, focus tending to be placed perhaps on more sociable areas. However this could be easily achieved with a quick lick of paint, the staircase could be spruced and spanked into deliciousness and you'll be forever perched on the bottom step with a cuppa and conversation.

Glossy gloryiousness.

 Hmmmm carpeted colour...
 Artist Jim Lambie giving it the stripey rainbow beans.

Architect Ab Rogers provided the world with this spirally colour fusion of stairway heaven. 

And from Wupperstal in German Land we have another artist Horst Glasker. The crazy coloured steps rise between the sandwiching of two overly dull buildings. The words on each step refer to the relations of humanity. This is nice. I like to read and bath in colour whilst I climb stairs. Well done Glasker.


  1. i think this has inspired me to paint my stairs multi-coloured when i finally own a home..

  2. nice post, spiral staircase is stunning & beautiful!