Monday, 23 January 2012

Green on her fingers, bells on her toes...

   Spring is around the corner, it'll be frolicking like a young gun up your road in no time. So lets fling open the front door and welcome the greenery!

House plants no longer have to have the fuddy duddy association of the preened to perfection rose,  half dead bonsai tree and the failed waterings of a fern. With the help of some of these ingenious designs they can provide quirky and quality spaces for plants to grow.

So your home is fresh as a daisy, plants look cool and contemporary, there's potential for providing your own herbs, fruit and veg, and a cleaner air quality. Bring on the compost.

Topsy turvey growing steez with Sky Planter

Plants don't have to be all fancy pants and exotic, good ol' moss does the job just fine and can even achieve arty farty featurness on your wall.
Moss Terrarium Bottle, Uncommon Goods

No need for old hosiery!
Ceramic Cressheads, Culturelabel

Hhmm dodecahedron terrarium...
and other beautiful glass planters from 

This looks like a cat with a facefull O' fruit. But it aint!
"...decoration, storage and cultivation for the kitchen window."
Cocoon designed by Mans Salomosen

This is smart.
A floating modern Eco island.
Benjamin Graindoarge

   As much as I appreciate all the clean lines and whiteness and glass and moderness  and all  its pretty pretty and clevery scientificness. I like the jars too...

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