Friday, 6 January 2012

Huppy New Yaaar!...

   New Year sucks. But I think gadging by how much time it took me to recover, it was a good one. Which is probably why I'm writing about said evening almost a week late...
Lets crack on with all this resolution shennaningins that will be kept up for a couple of months, 3-4 tops.

Numero uno!
Find a job that...
 A) Pays me more than the bare minimum. (which is currently just keeping me topped up with cigarettes and alcohol so I can bear to put up with the job that pays me the bare minimum)
B) Not quite so soul destroying I want to gauge my eyes out with a blunt object and physically bludgeon with my own gouged out skull my fellow co "workers".

Save moneys.
This is not going well. I have already found a new jewelery designer who I want to be buying all her wares (Kirsty Kirkpatrick ) Booked gigs, festivals and maybe a holiday... Sorry Ma and Pa I think I'll be kipping in the loft a bit longer.

Get a studio/room/shed. I need to make something. With stuff. Then do something with it. Or not.

!BONUS Resolution!...

Meet architect, builder and welder. I want this in my garden. Including the skyline.

Have a mighty fine 2012.

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