Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Market Day...

   Tuesday is market day! I thought I'd better start showing you some of the thrifty treasures I buy. It was a ridickadonculousley early this morning about 8.30 when I got to the market (for us unemployed folk, that's damn early!) and very cold and wet so its was a bit of quiet one this morning, even the  fruit n' veg lads weren't there.
  Still managed to pick up some absolute gems, firstly this awesome black leather handbag. Straps all still intact not too worn, only a little bit of oxidizing on the rivets, inside a wee bit shmelly but febreeze (or spray deodorant) will fix this!

And Secondly this scrumptousley thick, dark purple, fringed aztecy/geometric scarf. What a beaut.

Black bag....£3

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