Friday, 10 February 2012

Black on the inside...

   I can't help it I'm sorry. V day rant. What is with all this crap? How the hell has a stuffed bear become the symbolism of love? unless you hunted it with your bare hands and it saved us from starving to death I do not want anything in animal form. Chocolates really? They're one of my five a day. Dinner for two? yeah lets go and sit in a room full of other bored couples in complete silence because we know they feel they have to do something *special* on that day even though they have absolutely nothing to say to each other.

The only people to buy into this kind of crap are plebs who have no imagination and need to be told by cheap commercial wankers how to express and feel emotion. If you like that kinda tat fine. Good for you. Be happy. I think what I'm getting at is why have a single day in the year which has been promoted since mid January dictate, this is the time and place you have to really buy into someones heart. Ok done...

Well moving on with this particular cynical frame of mind. Get some black paint and go nuts. It may even look good.


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