Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Tuendsday Market Day...

    I know I know my continuity on getting posts up on time is shocking. However I did go to the market yesterday and as always I think I picked up some things that I like but will probably never use and they will clutter up my home and life untill enevitably I turn into one of those grotesque horders with an intricate tunneling system running through my once beloved home. Walls now lost to piles of precariousley balanced tat which I will love to the very end although everything will be chipped and broken, mere shells and fragments to a reminder of a past life...

Woah nelly.

Untill then. I can still see my bedroom floor which I'm using as a unit of measurement to know at point of complete coverage I'll try to stop.

Onwards. Positively!  Tea and a read! A tiny tea in these preciously tiny blue chine tea cups maybe better for an espresso. I want to grow snow drops in them.

More fabric, more cushions?

And a collection of books. Their covers are beautiful, the faded colours of the masterpieces but especially fond of the old penguin classics, defiantly chosen for their titles, trying to figure out how I could make some kind of print or put them up on the wall??? I'll have a think and get back to you. Also the blank sketchbook with catch, defiantly inspiring me to draw in it when I do I'll post the pages up.

Tea Cups - £3 for 4
Penguins - I can't remember £3 for 2??
Sketch book and 7 Artist books - £5
Fabric 4 pieces - £2

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