Tuesday, 28 February 2012

BRGHTN PT 2 Ink_d n' Doig...

   Ink_d is a tincy wincy little gallery up in the north lanes, but don't be fooled by the size, it's a beaut, I always try to make time to pay it a visit. Its a host to many talented contemporary artists young and old with work running from paintings illustration and prints to ceramics and sculpture, with a neat print studio nestled in the basement for artists and workshops. And they got a pretty sweet staircase and upstairs showroom.

On with the show!

Andy Doig the current exhibitor in Ink_d has created a space filled with neon light and memories. Resurrecting old English fairground bulbs Doig has crafted them into a stack of crosses, a bounty of colourful stars which dot the floor and scatter across the ceiling and the slogan "Kiss me quick squeeze me slowly" all of which emit a warm haze, ethereal hum and a glowing heat.

 The falling light transports the viewer back to an earlier stage in life and recalls the lure of the fun fair, with its captivating coloures and shrieks and squeals of excitement.

 Fun affair Andy Doig 
9th Feb - 9thMarch
Ink_d Gallery 

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