Monday, 27 February 2012

BRGHTN PT 1 Gzdzzzzdzz gzzuh ghzzz...

     Brighton Brighton Brighton. I will inhabit you permanently one day. For now I get to take the most excellent trips down to you for a few days and take full advantage of the bredwins hospitality. Lets get started on this three part bonanza.

Joe McElroy! a wonderful artist friend of mine was to be zapped into oblivion by the rather superb tattooist Lionel Fahy from the french land, who was guest spotting at The Tattoo Workshop. Monsieur Fahy's work is just beautiful and nothing much like I've seen anywhere before.

His hand draws stunning lines often depicting warped dream like scenes which could have been plucked straight from the darker imagination of a child. They can be fun, colourful and delicately beautiful but sometimes tinged with a more sinister tone. A truly unique style of illustrative technique applied with ink to skin.

Joe's tattoo! meet Wilson. Hallo!

Check out Fahys' website Out Of Step

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