Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Market Day...

   I've been rubbish! sorry. The past few weeks which included my bitter Valentines day rant sucked me into a bit of a hole. But today the sun is shinning! and I hauled my ass outta bed before midday and tootled off on my bike (fixed at last) along the river.

   A brilliantly bustly and busy morning atmosphere, not been after much in particular but my magpie intuition still managed to collect three necklaces, a pretty silk scarf and some beautiful fabric.

Orange fabric & Blue pendant necklace £1
Green & white, Glass beaded necklace & Silk polka dot scarf £2
Chair (market about 2 years ago) £5

I think I'm gonna try make the fabric into a cushion cover. I'll do a how to post if I do. Ok Bye.


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