Thursday, 31 May 2012

I went cycling and saw some boats...

 I jumped on my bike and Bro Joe on his and we poodled up to Shoreham ( I say poodle, what I mean is die in head on winds along the coast with my single speed bike) and we looked at some mother frickin boats y'all! they where sweet. Here's some photosnaps of what I found, bit of a surprise half way...

Crack Boat!!!
Why does it have no windows?
growing weed? hiding immigrants? 
I'm gonna go with government surveillance spies eating pies.

Concrete boat how do you float.

Boat chicken.

Yeah man. Battle house ship.

Piano chime was dope.


Crazy ass art boats!
made from everything and anything.

The tear drop windows are just ridiculous, You cant really see from the photo but there's basically a conservatory behind there. Its made with a bus too, you know what ever's lying around. Heart windows and a washing machine too. 

Its got a bath tub window and a car wall! whaaat! 
Ah I think I need a lie down.

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