Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Aftermath of the spoon incident...

   Hello again. I was all set up to start writing again. I gone done some research, looked at some pictures, arranged a few thoughts, sat to have some lunch and then the spoon thing happened (see previous post). It seemed beautifully poetic and mirroring of my life. Not that I'm suicidal. Just up chicken soup bowl without a spoon.

I am aware I may be over thinking the event.

So lets back track. I've been off gallivanting across field and sea with the magical mystical Hurly Burly. Hence my lack of presence on the Lot. 

This summer I went to 8 festivals (9?...) 8 or 9. I've see some cool shit. As well as slogging hard making drinks and perfoming spontaneous dance and drama routines for a fair few hours of the day. 

Its hard to pick great moments when there were so many but a few highlights stick out,


For several reasons 

1. Merrill (leading lady) is a bad ass..
2. We dance a routine to one of her songs.
3. She played at Nova, accosted her in a pre gig ramble across the field dragged her to our tent with band in tow and proceed to get all hurly burly right up in her grill. 
4. When said rountine song was played last of the set we all scrambled on stage and proceeded to dance. That is untill the music bosses said no and turned it off. Because they suck.


   Yup that's right I'm picking a whole festival as wikedy nice times. This one was truly superb. A* to the organisers. Little things like stewards who where friendly and accurately informative*

The setting was beautiful. Strolling deer & peacocks, rolling green hills, huge swimming lakes with extra waterfall. Nice.

On the Sunday evening I plonked myself with a bottle of port and viewed one of my favourite films La Haine on a hillside with a live score accompaniment by Asian dub foundation. Brought to our audible and visible viewing pleasure by The Secret Cinema.

and lastly this teepee from Electric Picnic in Ireland Because I love it andI think it should be in my life.

* unlike the lying poo faced un-organised bumhole security and stewards at Latitude. Who led me and fellow hurly burliers on a four hour wild goose chase to find our camp site after already trekking and travelling for hours to get to the festival in the first place. That was fun. Not like we were tired, hot, sweaty, carrying loads of bags, hungry and close to tears or anything.

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