Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Market Day...

    Woah dude. So I'm kinda living down in Brighton now so this be the last Market Day from Maidstone for a while maybe EVER...but its ok, I'm gonna snoop me out some bargains down here.

   So this week at the market I bought...  One old school tea chest. When I have my own place and not sleeping on my brothers floor, this is gonna be a sweet coffee table/bedside table/box to hold life's mysteries. The three metal buttons are lush, sweet colours just need to decide what to sew them on. A dinky pencil with metal jacket, some plastic anthropologie-esque earrings and a beautiful back lace jacket.

Tea chest - £3
Black Lace Jacket - £3
Buttons - £1
Earrings- £1
Pencil - £2

1 comment:

  1. Crikey, what bargains! I need to go to Maidstone next time I'm in the UK...